3 Reasons I Wont Get Married

1.The wedding itself is nothing but a money Vortex.
2.Its a contract not only with your partner but with the government as well.
3.I don’t think people are really meant to stay with one person for there entire lives there’s always going to be someone better eventually so shouldn’t you be with whoever makes you happiest?


My First Blog Ever Cool :)

Alright so were to start well I guess im gonna start by laying down some ground rules and just a heads up of whats about to come so if your a grammar Nazi you probably shouldn’t read this I have nothing against grammar but theres more important things to worry about right now I think? ok so my only real rule is do not ever intentionally say or do something to hurt someone which I think is a pretty good rule for life in general wouldn’t you say? Now whats to come well If you haven’t guessed it by now its really just my thoughts and feelings on everything from science to religion drugs marriage really anything. now obviously im trying to say something with this blog everyone has something to say and everyone wants to be heard well i’ve spent what feels like most of my life listening but never really being heard or saying whats on my mind. well until recently that is fact of the matter is now I cant shut up all of those crazy ideas and thoughts about the world I always had growing up well I guess they really wanted out and whats even crazier the older and the more I talk the more im finding that all those crazy ideas really aren’t that crazy. So I hope ive captured your interests and I hope you keep reading who knows you might just learn something

PS I apologise if I offend anyone I will be talking about controversial topics and im bound to say something that’s gonna piss someone off in knowing that ive just come up with my second rule if at anytime you read something on hear that you don’t like or don’t agree with suck it up I see and hear things I don’t agree with everyday :p just no fighting!!!!!!! Debates are However Encouraged